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Each DigiPen Nexus prepares its graduates with the skills that local employers and industries are looking for, but it also connects them to a worldwide network of schools, alumni, faculty, and companies that share and contribute to our educational vision and approach.

The community that has grown out of DigiPen’s global system has been key to our success and the success of our graduates.

Alumni Success

Our alumni are equipped to pursue any number of exciting career opportunities in games, technology, animation, and more. Some join the ranks of top companies, lending their skills and expertise to major brands and media franchises, while others choose to launch their own businesses.

Over 1,250 companies worldwide have hired DigiPen alumni. While our graduates are spread far and wide, many go on to work at the same companies as their peers, creating communities of DigiPen graduates within certain major game studios. Gearbox Software, Rooster Teeth, and id Software are just some of the companies where our graduates have started their careers.

  • 17-BIT

  • 180 Solutions

  • 2Clams Inc.

  • 2K Games

  • 343 Industries

  • 5th Cell

  • 77Sparx

  • 8th Shore

  • A Thinking Ape

  • Absurd Interactive

  • Academy of Art University

  • Activision

  • AdColony

  • Aditi Technologies

  • Aeria Games

  • Aerotek

  • Aim Sports, Inc.

  • Airtight Games

  • Akiban Technologies

  • Algitt Studios

  • Allegis Group

  • Alt Source

  • Alter Ego Game Studios

  • Amaze Entertainment

  • Amazon

  • Amazon Game Studios

  • Amplified Games, Inc.

  • Andesite Studios, LLC

  • Animation Collective

  • Apple

  • ArenaNet

  • Arkitek Studios

  • Artifact Techologies

  • Atheer Labs

  • Augustana College

  • Autodesk

  • Avanquest Software

  • Backbone Entertainment

  • Ballena Technologies

  • Bally Technologies

  • Batavian Studio

  • BattleCry Studios

  • Bazillion Pictures

  • Bench Mark Video Productions

  • Betable

  • Bidalgo

  • Big Boat Interactive

  • Big Fish Games

  • Big Huge Games

  • Big Point

  • BioWare

  • Black Ops Entertainment

  • Blind Squirrel Games

  • Blizzard Entertainment

  • Blocktronaut

  • Blue Fang Games

  • Blue K Development

  • Blue Manta Studios

  • Boanerges Studios

  • Bohemia Interactive Simulations

  • Booz Allen Hamilton

  • Boss Games

  • Boss Key Productions

  • BottleRocket Entertainment

  • BrandX LLC

  • BreakAway Games

  • BrickSimple

  • BTI Solutions

  • Bubble Zap Games

  • Budcat Games

  • Buena Vista Internet Group

  • Bungie

  • Buzz Monkey Software

  • C2 Game Studio

  • Camouflaj

  • castAR

  • Cat Daddy Games

  • Check Six Studios

  • Churchill Navigation

  • Cloud Imperium Games

  • Codebeast

  • Colopl NI Inc.

  • CompuCom

  • Concrete Games

  • Confetti Interactive

  • Creative Circle

  • Cricket Moon Media

  • Crooked Tree Studios

  • Cryptic Studios

  • Crystal Dynamics

  • Cyberlore Studios

  • Daptiv

  • Darkside Game Studios

  • Daybreak Game Company

  • Deep Silver Volition

  • Detonator Games

  • Dev9

  • DigiPen (USA) Corp

  • Digital Chocolate

  • Disbelief

  • Disney Interactive Studios

  • DoubleDown Interactive

  • DreamBox Learning

  • DreamWorks Interactive

  • DropForge Games

  • Dwango Wireless

  • Electronic Arts

  • Elevate

  • E-Line Media

  • Ember Entertainment

  • Emberex

  • Enix of America

  • Envelop VR

  • enVie Interactive

  • Epic Games

  • Escalation Studios

  • Exato Games Studio

  • Excell Data Corporation

  • Excell Media

  • Expedia

  • Extensis

  • EZ Management Software

  • F5 Networks

  • Facebook

  • Factor 5

  • Fair Play Labs

  • Fall Guy LLC

  • Fat Rascal Games

  • Filament Games

  • Firecracker Software

  • Fishbeat

  • FlowPlay

  • Flying Frog Productions

  • Flying Lab

  • Flying Tiger

  • Flying Wisdom Studios

  • Foray Technologies

  • Forio Online Simulations

  • Foundation 9 Entertainment

  • FoundationDB

  • Fugazo

  • Fullbright

  • Fun Bits Interactive

  • Funko

  • FXVille

  • Gaijin Games

  • Game Brink

  • GameInstinct

  • Gameloft

  • Gas Powered Games

  • Gazillion Entertainment

  • Gearbox Software

  • General Dynamics Mission Systems

  • Giant Animations LLC

  • Giant Army

  • Giant Enemy Crab

  • Girl Develop It

  • GlassLab

  • Global Internet Management

  • Glu Mobile

  • Goblinworks

  • Google

  • GREE International Inc.

  • Greenlight Games

  • Greenpoint Technologies

  • Gripwire Inc.

  • Handheld Games

  • Hangar 13 Games

  • Hangry Studios

  • Hardsuit Labs

  • Harebrained Schemes

  • Harmonix Music Systems

  • Havok

  • HCL America

  • Heavy Iron Studios

  • Her Interactive

  • Hidden Path Entertainment

  • High Impact Games

  • High Moon Studios

  • High Voltage Software

  • Hitachi Data Systems

  • Hourglass Games

  • Hudson Entertainment

  • Humongous

  • IGT

  • Immersed Games

  • Infinity Ward

  • InfoSpace, Inc.

  • Ink Forged Games

  • Innovative Building Solutions

  • Insight Global

  • Insomniac Games

  • Insurance Technologies

  • Intel Corporation

  • Interactive Intelligence

  • Interactive Studios Group

  • Interplay Entertainment

  • Intnet Inc.

  • Invoke Systems

  • inXile Entertainment

  • IPKeys

  • Iron Lore Entertainment

  • Iron Rebel Studios

  • Irrational Games

  • iSoftStone

  • Ivie

  • Jet Morgan Games

  • Jott Network

  • Jumio

  • Kabam

  • Kalloc Studios

  • King Show Games


  • KlickNation

  • KnowWonder Digital Mediaworks

  • Kooapps

  • Koolance

  • Kreative

  • Kuma Games

  • Kuma LLC

  • Kush Games

  • L5 Games

  • Leap Motion

  • Leviathan Security

  • Liquid Dragon Studios

  • Liquid Entertainment

  • Lithtech

  • Lockheed Martin Corporation

  • Locomotive Games

  • Lone Shark Games

  • Longtail Studios

  • Look Both Ways Foundation

  • Loot Drop

  • LucasArts

  • Ludo Land

  • Magic Pixel Games

  • McGraw Hill Education

  • Mechanical Butterfly Studios

  • MedBridge

  • Medical Simulation Corporation

  • Mercury Games

  • Microsoft

  • Microsoft Game Studios

  • Midway Amusement Games

  • MindSeekers

  • Minted

  • Mobliss

  • Monolith Productions

  • Moral Productions

  • Motiga, Inc.

  • MunkyFun

  • MyPad3D

  • Natural Motion Games

  • Naughty Dog

  • NeoPong Software

  • Nerjyzed

  • NetDevil

  • Neversoft

  • Nightlight Studios

  • Nintendo of America

  • Nintendo Software Technology

  • Nintendo Technology Development

  • Nokia Technologies

  • Nova Heartbeat

  • Novel Interactive

  • Nuevo Retro Games

  • Obsidian Entertainment

  • OptumRX

  • Other Ocean

  • Pactera

  • Paleo Entertainment

  • Pandemic Studios

  • Papaya Studio

  • Paragon Studios

  • Parker Services

  • Petroglyph Games

  • Pi Studios

  • Pipeworks Software, Inc.

  • Pirate Software

  • Planet Moon Studios

  • Planetary Resources

  • PlayEveryWare

  • Play Mechanix

  • Playdom

  • Pluto VR

  • Point of View, Inc.

  • PolyKid

  • PopCap Games

  • Posed2

  • Powerhead Games

  • Promonite Studios

  • Puzzle Break

  • Qterics

  • Qualcomm

  • Quinland & Fabish Music

  • Ra Powered Games

  • Radical Entertainment

  • RageWalker

  • Rainbow Studios

  • Raven Software

  • Raytheon

  • Red 5 Studios

  • Red Storm

  • Refract Studios

  • RemoTV

  • Resoltz Inc.

  • Respawn Entertainment

  • Retro Studios

  • Reverie Entertainment

  • Rhythm and Hues

  • Riot Games

  • Rockstar Games

  • S2 Games

  • Sakson & Taylor


  • Sandblast Games

  • Sandlot Games

  • Sanzaru Games

  • Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories

  • Self Aware Games

  • Sennari Interactive

  • Serellan LLC

  • Shiver Entertainment

  • SIE Bend Studio

  • Sierra Entertainment

  • Signal Studios

  • SimQuest

  • Smart Bomb Interactive

  • Smart Software Solutions, Inc

  • Smart with Art

  • Smashing Ideas

  • Smith & Tinker

  • Snowblind Studios

  • SoCrates Studio

  • SolidWorks

  • Soma-Play

  • Sony Corporation of America

  • Sony Interactive Entertainment

  • Sony Online Entertainment

  • Sorrent

  • Soulbound Studios

  • SourceGear LLC

  • Spaceboy Games

  • SpaceX

  • SRA International Inc.

  • SSRlabs

  • Stainless Steel Studios

  • Star Team LLC

  • Stardock

  • Storm8

  • Studio Wildcard

  • Studiovision

  • Sucker Punch Productions

  • Sunstone Games

  • Super Happy Fun Fun

  • SuperPlay

  • Surreal Software

  • Take-Two Interactive

  • Taldren

  • Tehom Studios Inc.

  • TeleCommunication Systems, Inc.

  • Teledyne

  • Telltale Games

  • Terminal Reality

  • Tesseraction Games

  • thatgamecompany

  • The Amazing Society

  • The Association: Creative Media Solutions

  • The Cipher Group

  • The Good Mood Creators

  • The News-Review

  • The Workshop Entertainment

  • Tidal Labs

  • TinyCo

  • Total Immersion Software

  • Touchdown Entertainment

  • Treyarch

  • tri-Ace

  • Trion Worlds

  • Tripwire Interactive

  • Trivial Technology

  • Turbine

  • Turn10 Studios

  • U.S. Navy

  • Uber Entertainment

  • Uberware

  • Ubisoft Shanghai

  • UIEvolution

  • Undead Labs

  • Unity

  • University of Colorado, Boulder

  • US Air Force

  • V1 Interactive

  • Valkyrie Entertainment

  • Valve

  • Venan Entertainment

  • Vicarious Visions

  • Vigil Games

  • Virtual Heroes

  • Virtually Live US, Inc.

  • Visual Concepts

  • Vitei

  • Vivendi Games

  • VMC

  • Voria

  • VT MAK

  • walletdoc

  • Walt Disney Imagineering

  • Wargaming

  • Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

  • WayForward Technologies

  • WebTuner

  • Westtek

  • White Elk Studios

  • WildTangent

  • Wizards of the Coast

  • WMS Gaming

  • Works in Theory LLC

  • WXP

  • Xevian Industries

  • Xibalba Studios

  • XMG Studio

  • Xsolla


  • Z2Live

  • Zaa Labs

  • Zachtronics

  • ZemNott, Inc.

  • ZeniMax Online Studios

  • Zetec

  • Zhurosoft

  • Zindagi Games

  • Zipline Games

  • Zipper Interactive

  • Zombie Studios

  • Zynga

DigiPen alumnus Jordan Ellis

DigiPen students are taught to think on their feet, creating their own original works with limited pre-defined conditions. This type of creative work lends itself well to a rapidly evolving professional environment, where everything is constantly new and being created.”

Jordan Ellis

DigiPen Graduate, Programmer and Builder at Polywrap and Dorg

Industry Connections

The education that DigiPen students earn is academically rigorous, but it’s also deeply grounded in the practical skills and techniques that professionals put to work in the real world. Many of our faculty have decades of experience in their fields and take immense joy in imparting their hard-won lessons to the next generation of creative professionals. Our curricula have been developed with input of an advisory board of industry experts who not only know the current in-demand skills, but are also in a great position to predict what employers will be looking for in the years ahead.

Every Nexus location in the system has been carefully planned and built with the cooperation of local businesses, employers, industry organizations, and governments. This combination gives our graduates multiple layers of support and provides an excellent launching point for their future career path. Find your local Nexus to see what organizations are contributing to our students’ successes.

DigiPen graduates are credited on more than 2,000 commercial video games.

More than 1,250 companies have hired DigiPen graduates, including Microsoft, Amazon, Nintendo, Bungie, and Disney.

DigiPen students have earned more than 700 awards and honors for their games, films, and academic papers.

Map of DigiPen's global campuses and academic partnerships

Other Campuses and Worldwide Network of Partners

DigiPen operates three full campuses and maintains several educational partnerships all over the world.

Global Campuses

DigiPen Institute of Technology building in Redmond, Washington
DigiPen Institute of Technology building in Redmond, Washington

Our main campus, located in Redmond, Washington, brings together students and faculty from across the United States and nearly 50 countries around the world. Currently enrolling students in eight bachelor’s degree programs and two master’s degree programs, its location 15 miles east of Seattle makes it neighbors with the biggest game and software giants including Microsoft and Nintendo. The Seattle metro area is teeming with other renowned technology companies, such as Amazon, Google, and Facebook, as well as major game studios like Bungie, Valve, PopCap Games, and Monolith.

DigiPen Institute of Technology Singapore building
DigiPen Institute of Technology Singapore building

DigiPen Institute of Technology Singapore, a partner of Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT), opened in 2008 as DigiPen’s first international branch campus at the invitation of Singapore’s Economic Development Board. Students can earn degrees in Computer Science in Real-Time Interactive Simulation, Computer Science and Game Design, Digital Art and Animation, and Game Design. Students can also pursue Systems Engineering through a joint degree with SIT.

Photograph of the DigiPen Europe-Bilbao building
Photograph of the DigiPen Europe-Bilbao building

In 2011, DigiPen opened its second international branch campus, DigiPen Institute of Technology Europe – Bilbao, offering two bachelor’s degrees: the BS in Computer Science in Real-Time Interactive Simulation and BFA in Digital Art and Animation.

International Partnerships

City skyline of Riyadh
City skyline of Riyadh

Game Changers

Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

DigiPen is working with Game Changers, an apprenticeship program aimed at helping entrepreneurial individuals launch their own indie game start-up companies. Based at the campus of Princess Nourah bint Abdul Rahman University, DigiPen and Game Changers equip apprentices with the technical skills and business acumen needed to thrive in a highly competitive industry. Over the course of a year, participants will form game development teams, learn the complexities of the games industry, and, should they move on to the incubator phase, receive significant financial and technical support as their team launches a viable product in the marketplace.

Keimyung University in South Korea
Keimyung University in South Korea

Keimyung University

Daegu, Republic of Korea

DigiPen and Keimyung University have collaborated to offer a dual degree program for students who complete half of their studies in South Korea and the other half in the U.S. Graduates earn two degrees at once — a BS in Computer Science in Real-Time Interactive Simulation from DigiPen as well as a BE in Game and Mobile Contents from Keimyung University.

Building exterior of King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi in Bangkok, Thailand
Building exterior of King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi in Bangkok, Thailand

DigiPen has worked closely with King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT) and its partners at Thailand’s Digital Innovative Design and Technology Center (DIDTC) to unite the first two years of their programs with DigiPen’s. Students can enter either the Digital Design (DD) program or the Creative Technology (CT) program. The DD program consists of two degrees: Animation and Visual Effects and Game Design and Production, which map to DigiPen’s BFA in Digital Art and Animation and BA in Game Design programs, respectively. The CT program’s degree offerings include Interactive Simulation and Game Engineering, which dovetail into DigiPen’s BS in Computer Science in Real-Time Interactive Simulation and BS in Computer Science and Game Design programs.

Collège Notre-Dame de Jamhour in Jamhour, Lebanon
Collège Notre-Dame de Jamhour in Jamhour, Lebanon

DigiPen and the Collège Notre-Dame de Jamhour have created computer science courses for students in grades 6 and 12. The courses use visual scripting and traditional programming to teach the processes and principles of creating video games. Sixth-grade students use a visual programming language to study five game development elements: game design, art and animation, sound design, mathematics, and computer science. Twelfth-grade students learn the basics of programming languages to create a small game from scratch. The curriculum requires a variety of different skills and demonstrates how fun and challenging making games can be.

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