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Students choose DigiPen for a variety of reasons — be it our specialized programs, emphasis on team projects and applied learning, exceptional alumni network and industry connections, or experienced faculty. These are just a few of the characteristics that define both who we are and what we do.

Project-Based Learning

We give you the tools to become problem solvers and innovators through real-world projects. By collaborating with your peers in a studio-like environment, you gain the practical experience of how to build something complex and amazing from start to finish.

Academic Results

DigiPen has earned a reputation for academic excellence that has helped graduates hit their stride from the moment they enter the workforce. Our educational approach has been honed over decades while also staying on the cutting edge of industry trends thanks to veteran faculty and an accomplished academic advisory board.

Student Achievements

Students from all of our global campuses have produced award-winning games, films, academic papers, and more. As a graduate, you will be able to proudly add the work you produce as a student to your professional portfolio.


We hire world-class content experts at the top of their field. Our faculty instructors bring the collective experience of Nobel Prize-winning research, Oscar-winning film production, and industry leadership directly to the classroom.

Along with all of the above features, DigiPen connects its students to a global network of campuses, educational partners, and industry professionals.

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