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We welcome applicants from all types of educational backgrounds and encourage homeschool students to apply to any of our degree programs. All applicants are evaluated on an individual basis, and all aspects of application materials are considered.

The following application requirements pertain to homeschooled students applying to any of DigiPen’s undergraduate degrees.

Texas Resident Homeschooled Applicants

In addition to the regular undergraduate application materials, homeschooled applicants from the state of Texas should submit as much information as possible about their homeschool experience, including a detailed homeschool transcript that provides course titles, a brief description of each course’s content, a grade or performance assessment for each course, details about the duration of study, and the student’s graduation date or expected graduation date.

Out-of-State Homeschooled Applicants

Due to the diverse nature of homeschool requirements from state to state, DigiPen prefers the following materials as proof of high school graduation from applicants homeschooled in states other than Texas:

  • Transcripts from a nationally recognized homeschool program, or

  • Detailed homeschool transcripts (as described above for Texas state residents) and passing GED test scores.

Other forms of proof of high school equivalence will be considered on a case-by-case basis but should be approved in advance by contacting the Office of Admissions at @email.

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