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The facilities and resources available at each location in DigiPen’s Nexus System are built from the ground up, affording students a world-class education in a setting appropriate to the opportunities near them. For each Nexus, DigiPen has worked with industry leaders and local government to ensure that the education we’re offering develops the exact skills and experience that employers in the area are looking for.

Find your local Nexus and learn more about the degree programs offered there and how to get in touch with a dedicated Nexus admissions representative for more information.

DigiPen Institute of Technology Nexus location in Richardson, Texas
DigiPen Institute of Technology Nexus location in Richardson, Texas

The Nexus Richardson Location resides in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex’s newest high-tech hub, the Innovation Quarter (IQ). As a home to thousands of companies (including hundreds of tech company headquarters), Richardson is teeming with employers searching for computer science graduates with in-demand skills and experience.

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